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Easter 2022

This is a type blind text. You can use it to see if all the letters are there and what they look like. Sometimes you use words like Hamburgefonts, Rafgenduks or Handgloves to test fonts. Sometimes sentences that contain all… Read More »Easter 2022


Far behind the mountains of words, far from the countries of vowels and consonants, live the blind texts. They live in seclusion in Buchstabhausen on the coast of the semantic, a large linguistic ocean. A small stream called Duden flows… Read More »Wordbergen

2021 in Retrospect

A wonderful serenity has taken over my whole soul, like the sweet spring mornings that I enjoy with all my heart. I am alone and rejoice in my life in this place created for such souls as mine. I am… Read More »2021 in Retrospect